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Velociraptor Systems is a small web startup run that began in La Jolla, CA, and now runs in Berkeley, CA.

Beach view from La Jolla

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Main logo design by Sara Weinstein, art by Reynaldo Castillo. Icons (CC-BY-SA) by the Oxygen project and Product images and corporate logos property of their respective owners. Logo and other images released under the Creative Commons Attribution-Sharelike 3.0 License. Software and libraries available for download on this site, and all designed libraries and functions released under GNU Lesser General Public License 3.0.
All other content CC-BY Velociraptor Systems. If you have any questions about licensing content on this site, feel free to contact us.


How can you ship to us without our address?

We get your address from the payment processor (Paypal or Google) after you pay. That way, we don't ever have your personal information until you're ready to buy.

Do we have to sign up to purchase by Paypal or Google Checkout?

No, you don't. You can just enter your credit card information without ever registering.