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Computer Warranties

We do not provide direct warranties at this time for our custom computers. However, our warranty service registers your components with the manufacturers, and are therefore warranted under the terms for the specific manufacturer. Please see our "Disputes" section below.

We try to take steps to ensure that in case the worst happens, though, all your bases are covered. Shipping insurance provides you with photos of your computer prior to shipment for any shipping disputes that may arise, and a screenshot of a functional desktop with hardware information to identify your machine.

We feel this method of warranting your purchase is much cheaper than traditional methods, while losing only some convenience.

Website Warranties

We want you to have a pleasant experience, and we will always endeavour to help you with sites we've constructed. Please check our terms for website construction to see what you get with our service.

Please note we cannot directly assist you with problems associated with your web hosting service or the registrar. We can, however, attempt to resolve the issue for you as described in the extended phase of our website terms.


Billing Disputes

All billing on this site is processed by either Google Checkout or PayPal. We are not in any way involved with the actual charging process, and we never recieve, or ask for, information about your credit card or banking accounts.

As all products we offer are built-to-order, we cannot offer any refunds. However, if you require assistance in selling a computer you purchased through use, we'd be happy to help.

My shipment was damaged!

When we ship your computer, we ensure a perfect packaging fit by re-using the original parts boxes that we recieved to ship your computer to you. While FedEx and UPS are generally good with their shipments, no one in the shipping process (us, them, or you) can ensure a perfect shipping process. This is why we very strongly recommend you purchase shipping insurance with your computer.

To assist you with any disputes that may arise, we also include a small SD card with your insurance purchase that contains a few photographs of your computer prior to shipment — though we sincerely hope you never have to use them!

My computer failed!

As we do not produce any of the parts, there is nothing we can do (or, for that matter, that HP, Dell, etc can do) to prevent the physical faliure of a computer component. However, if you purchase our warranty service along with your quote, we will register your components with the manufacturers. You can then go to the manufacturer's website and look into their parts warranty procedures.

You may also request our help in resolving the under-warrany part replacement for a small fee.

We do not, however, offer any direct (i.e., ship the computer to us and we ship it back) warranties at this time.

Last updated: 2009-11-15. Purpose: Clarification.