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What We Do

Velociraptor Systems is a small, web-only business that deals with websites and computers. We look at the market today, filled with places that claim "customization" involves just a few colors, or a selection from three different parts. We believe that true customization means a different product for every customer, and we think we can make it convenient and useful for you.

No templates and no nag screens

Our Philosophy

We wish we could say we thought of this first, but the best way to summarize it is with Google's philosophy to do no evil. We want you to have a great end-to-end experience; you should be able to enter the process without having to pick apart obscure computer parts you don't know, learn a bit about our choices for your parts, and get a computer that has exactly what you want on it. No advertisements, no trialware. Exactly what you want, nothing more, nothing less, and at the best prices we can give you.

If we're building you a website, we want you to have a page of your own on the web. We don't make cookie-cutter sites; with many website making tools or companies, your site looks the same as your neighbors', with a few different colors and different stock photos. You tell us what you want to see, and we'll make it with you, not dictate it to you. Your hand will be in everything from the colors to the photos, and everything in-between. You'll truly be left with a website to call your own.

Why You Shouldn't Go Big-Retailer

Large retailers, to put it simply, lack accountability. If they upset a client, one client lost is nothing in their profit calculations. This is why customer service stories are so bad with large chains. The employees have no reason to care, and the company doesn't have the need to make sure every client is happy. As commented on in Letters to the LA Times, most companies don't serve customers — they handle them.

With a small business, you're assured the full attention of a few individuals who rely on your good word-of-mouth. The employees are all highly motivated and attentive by their own interests, and that means a great experience for you as a customer.